TutorTree - Peer-to-Peer Tutoring App


• Founded and scaled TutorTree to 13 schools
• Successfully raised $500k in venture capital funding
• Built both Web and native iOS applications
• Developed with Swift, SwiftUI, Javascript, and Python


As the founder and lead developer of TutorTree, my goal was to transform the tutoring landscape in colleges. This app connects college students with prescreened peer tutors on their campus, facilitating a supportive educational environment through technology.

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Concept and Purpose

The core idea of TutorTree is rooted in the belief that students can significantly benefit from helping each other. As a founder, I envisioned an app that would make tutoring digitally and financially accessible to college students, enabling them to find or become peer tutors with ease. This concept addresses the need for affordable, convenient, and effective academic support within college communities.

Design and User Experience

With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, the design of TutorTree caters to the needs of busy college students. The app's interface, developed with a student-first approach, ensures easy navigation, quick tutor-student matching, and seamless session scheduling. My focus was creating an intuitive UI that provided the simplest solution from app launch to session booked.

Development and Growth

As the founder, I led the development and growth of TutorTree, steering it from a startup idea to a successful venture. The app was rolled out to 13 schools, managed by a dedicated team of 6, and supported by a network of over 150 tutors. This expansion demonstrates effective leadership, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of the target market.

Funding and Expansion

A significant milestone for TutorTree was raising $500,000 in venture capital funding. This achievement not only validates the app's potential but also showcases my skills in business development and investor relations. The funding has been pivotal in scaling the app's reach and enhancing its features.

Technology and Tools

TutorTree is built using robust and scalable technologies, ensuring reliability and performance across different platforms. The app integrates advanced matching algorithms to pair students with suitable tutors based on academic needs and preferences.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the key challenges was creating a platform that was both user-friendly and capable of handling a large and growing user base. This was addressed through continuous app optimization and incorporating feedback from users to improve functionality and user experience.

User Feedback and Impact

Positive feedback from students and tutors alike highlights the app's impact on the college community. TutorTree has been commended for its ease of use, effectiveness in matching students with tutors, and its role in fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Personal Learning and Achievement

Founding and growing TutorTree has been a profound learning experience, enhancing my skills in app development, team management, and entrepreneurial leadership. The journey from conception to scaling the app has provided invaluable insights into the dynamics of startup growth and the educational technology sector.

Future Vision

Looking ahead, the plan is to expand TutorTree to more universities and incorporate additional features like group tutoring sessions and online resources, further solidifying its position as a leading peer-to-peer tutoring platform.

In summary, TutorTree stands as a testament to my ability to envision, develop, and scale a tech-driven solution that addresses a real-world educational need, demonstrating my skills in technology, leadership, and innovation in the education sector.


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