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• Iris ensures continuity by mirroring the ChatGPT web interface on mobile devices, fostering a seamless transition for users.
• The Apple Watch app maintains a concise and user-friendly design, adapting the ChatGPT experience for on-the-go interactions.
• Leveraging Swift and SwiftUI, Iris prioritizes a responsive and consistent user experience across both mobile and watch platforms.
• The project involved meticulous testing and refinement, addressing challenges in adapting the web interface for mobile and watch environments, ensuring functionality and user-friendliness.


Iris is a mobile interface for ChatGPT, offering users the familiar web experience of saving conversations and interacting with AI. Complemented by an Apple Watch app, Iris extends accessibility, providing a seamless and user-friendly conversational interface on the go.

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Concept and Purpose
Iris introduces a mobile interface for ChatGPT, facilitating seamless conversation saving and AI interaction akin to the web version. With a parallel offering for Apple Watch, the app extends this accessibility, empowering users to engage with ChatGPT effortlessly on their wrist.

Design and User Experience
The mobile app mirrors the familiar web interface of ChatGPT, ensuring continuity for users. The design prioritizes simplicity and accessibility, facilitating easy conversation saving and retrieval. The Apple Watch app extends this experience to the wrist, maintaining a concise and user-friendly interface for on-the-go interactions.

Technology and Tools
Iris is developed using technologies that prioritize cross-platform functionality. The mobile app leverages the proven ChatGPT interface on iOS, while the Apple Watch app optimizes the experience for the smaller form factor. Swift and SwiftUI are employed to ensure a consistent and responsive user experience across both platforms.

Development Process
The development of Iris involved a meticulous process of adapting the web interface for mobile use, ensuring a seamless transition for users familiar with the ChatGPT experience. Iterative testing and refinement were central to guaranteeing the functionality and user-friendliness of both the mobile and watch applications.

Challenges and Solutions
Adapting the ChatGPT interface for mobile and watch platforms presented challenges in terms of screen real estate and input methods. Solutions were found through iterative design adjustments, optimizing the layout for smaller screens while maintaining the essence of the conversational experience.

Personal Learning and Development
The project significantly expanded skills in adapting web interfaces to mobile and wearable platforms. Working on the Apple Watch app provided insights into designing for constrained environments without sacrificing user experience. This experience further enriched proficiency in Swift and SwiftUI for cross-platform development.

Future Directions
Future iterations of Iris may explore enhanced features for the watch interface, such as voice interactions for hands-free engagement. Continuous refinement of the mobile app's interface and integration with emerging technologies will be considered to ensure Iris remains a cutting-edge and user-friendly ChatGPT experience.


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