Bamboo Connected - Global Data Package Purchasing App


• Developed Bamboo, an innovative app enabling users to purchase and install global data packages via eSIM.

• Used Swift and SwiftUI for a seamless user interface, paired with Python for robust server and backend functionality.

• Integrated Firebase Firestore for efficient and secure data and user management.

• Contributed significantly to securing venture capital funding for the team, demonstrating the app's market potential and my ability to create impactful tech solutions.


Bamboo is a groundbreaking app I was commissioned to develop, providing a convenient solution for users to purchase data packages worldwide. This app stands out for its ability to install data packages via eSIM directly to users' devices, ensuring seamless connectivity across the globe.

Client : 
Bamboo Connected

Innovative Solution for Global Connectivity

  • Developed Bamboo to allow users to effortlessly purchase and install data packages for their travel destinations. By selecting their destination country, users can view and choose from five different data packages, each with clear pricing.
  • This feature addresses the common challenge of staying connected while traveling, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards and offering a range of options to suit different data needs.

Technical Implementation

  • Utilized Swift and SwiftUI for developing the app's front end, ensuring a smooth, responsive, and intuitive user interface while not detracting from the core purpose of the app.
  • Implemented Python for the server and backend development. This provided a robust and scalable foundation for the app, capable of handling complex data transactions and user management effectively.
  • Integrated Firebase Firestore for data and user management, ensuring secure and efficient handling of user data and transaction records.

Enhanced User Experience

  • Focused on creating a seamless user journey from selecting a data package to its installation on the user's device. The app's design and functionality facilitate easy navigation and a hassle-free purchase process.
  • The incorporation of eSIM technology marks a significant advancement in how users access data services abroad, offering a modern and convenient solution.

Contribution to Team Success and Funding

  • My efforts in developing Bamboo were instrumental in securing venture capital funding for the team. The app's innovative approach and technical excellence demonstrated its potential in the market, attracting investors and securing financial support for further development.
  • This achievement not only highlights the app's success but also underscores my skills in creating market-ready, innovative digital solutions that capture investor interest.

In summary, Bamboo is a showcase of my expertise in app development, particularly in creating solutions that address real-world challenges with cutting-edge technology. This project highlights my ability to combine technical proficiency with practical application, resulting in a product that not only meets user needs but also drives business success.


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